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bachelor parties
at pikseli


fun experiences

Throw a bachelor or bachelorette party in virtual reality and surprise your friend with a walk on top of a skyscraper!

In our parks, you can game the night away with your entourage with Pikseli party package or even a private event!

Start the event by sending the bachelor for a walk on a plank on top of a skyscraper - the whole entourage can watch how it goes!

Next up are some multiplayer games, where you can see and hear each other in the middle of zombie apocalypse! Or are you going to choose our escape room experiences to go on adventures with the team?

See our game selection here!


Pikseli's bachelor party packages all include the walk on the plank for the bride or groom to be and the game time of your choice. 

See the packages below!

60 minutes or escape rooms

42€ / person

Book online - remember to add "bachelor party" to reservation notes!

party package

4-8 people

49€ / PERSON

Book party package below from contact us! Read more about the party package here.

60 minutes or escape rooms


35€ / PERSON

Contact us for a pricing estimate!


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