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event for your group

Pikseli offers several packages for events for all ages. If you are looking for a venue to go on a field trip or to have a party - you're in the right place!

See all the different packages below.


Spend the evening in virtual reality with your friends!

Experience virtual reality with friends in multiplayer games - shoot your friends or defend your village! Escape from a pyramid or try your skills as a chef - you can be anything you want!



Start the season with a kick-off event or celebrate your victories in virtual reality.

Team spirit is build by time and trust - would you like to test it in a virtual world? Try out our multiplayer games in teams of 2-10.


bachelor party

Unprecedented experiences for the bachelorette hero - the whole group will enjoy playing together!

Book a bachelor party for your group in virtual reality - fight against each other or defend the village together from orcs or zombies! Send the bachelor hero to the roof of a skyscraper for a walk along the plank!


student groups

Organize a field trip or a class in virtual reality - experience the world and beyond!

Unbelievable environments created in virtual reality offers you the possibility to enjoy learning in a new way. Experience the most popular sight in the world, dive into the ocean and fly in the skies - it's a different day for sure!

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