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1. We recommend always booking your slot in advance, whether you’re visiting alone or in a group. This ensures you get in when it suits you.

2. Customers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before their designated slot.

3. The person doing the booking is responsible for double-checking details. Make sure you’re booking the right number of gaming spaces for the correct amount of time, at the right time of the day on the date you planned for.

4. Bookings can be made online, on the phone or via email. We answer calls and emails during park opening times.

5. Bookings are paid for on site prior to the slot starting. Payment can be made via debit or credit card, with a gift card, or using certain benefit vouchers, such as Smartum. Corporate clients can also be invoiced, if agreed upon prior to the booking.

6. If you wish to book a slot longer than 60 minutes, you can make several consecutive slots or get in touch with us directly.

7. Children under 10 years old are not to be left alone on our premises. Birthday parties must have one supervising adult for every 5 children.


Bookings at Pikseli are always binding. Bookings can be cancelled on the phone or via email up to 24 hours before the starting time. If the booking is left uncancelled or is cancelled late, we will charge the customer for the entire cost of their booking.

Private and corporate events must be cancelled 5 days before the booking at the latest. If the booking is cancelled late, we charge the customer 50% of the agreed upon cost. If the booking is cancelled on the day of the event or the customer does not show up, we charge them for the entire cost of their booking.

These terms hold true for all bookings of two gaming spaces or more. With extremely large bookings, we reserve the right to adhere to stricter cancellation terms. 


You are welcome to cancel parts of your booking up to two days before the starting time. You can also book extra gaming spaces even on the day of your booking if the park has space.

Even if only part of your group attends and you need fewer gaming spaces than you originally booked, you will be charged for your entire booking unless you cancel the extra spaces ahead of time.

We reserve the right to change the location and layout of reserved gaming spaces in our parks.



We reserve the right to rebook already booked slots if the customer does not arrive 15 minutes before the starting time. 



The cost of catering is calculated according to a specific number of guests agreed upon prior to the event. Last-minute guest cancellations due to illness or other causes do not affect the cost of catering.



Gift cards must be used by their expiration date.



We reserve the right to vacate inappropriately behaving or clearly intoxicated customers from our premises. A customer removed from a park as a consequence of their own behavior will be charged the full cost of their booking, and is not eligible for refunds.

We reserve the right to make changes to our game catalog.


1.  Always adhere to instructions given by park staff and ask for help when needed.

2. Handle virtual reality goggles carefully and adhere to the given guidelines when wearing them. At the end of your slot, take them off with care and hang them up properly. The customer is responsible for the consequences of any negligence or the use of needless force. If park equipment breaks as a result, we reserve the right to seek compensation.

3. Less than 1% of the population may suffer dizzy spells, nausea or headaches in virtual reality. If you start feeling sick, take your goggles off immediately and seek staff assistance. Pikseli Arcade is not responsible for any mental or physical discomfort caused by virtual reality equipment.

4. You are not aware of your physical surroundings in virtual reality. Respect the boundaries of your gaming space, visible in virtual reality. Do not attempt to cross the boundary. Keep in mind that you cannot interact with your virtual surroundings physically – meaning you cannot sit down, lean on objects or set your controllers down.

5. Please give others space when they are wearing virtual reality goggles. Pikseli is not responsible for any mental or physical damage or damage done to equipment due to negligence toward this rule.

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